Applied Plant Cell Biology
Cellular Tools and Approaches for Plant Biotechnology

Gebundene Ausgabe, Springer-Verlag , Erschienen: Februar 2014, 447 Seiten, englisch, ISBN: 3642417868, EAN: 9783642417863

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Erschienen: Februar 2014
Seiten: 447
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Einband: Gebundene Ausgabe
Reihe: Plant Cell Monographs
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ISBN: 3642417868

Prologue: Plant Stem Cells - Evolution of a Key Concept.- From Nemec and Haberlandt to Molecular Cell Biology.-  Part I: Control of Growth And Development.- Why to Spent Tax Money on Plant Microtubules?.- Auxin Biology: Applications and the Mechanisms Behind.- The Biotechnological Potential of Cytokinin Status Manipulation.- Cell Fate Between Life and Death During Somatic Embryogenesis.- Molecular Cell Biology of Pollen Walls.- Part II: Stress Tolerance.- Plant Cell Responses to Cadmium and Zinc.- Applied Cell Biology of Sulfur and Selenium in Plants.- Endocytosis: At the Crossroads of Pattern Recognition Immune Receptors and Pathogen Effectors.- Part III: Plant Metabolism.- Plant Compounds Acting on the Cytoskeleton.- Secondary Metabolites of Traditional Medical Plants - A Case Study of Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera).- Metabolic Engineering of Wood Formation.- Part IV: The Cell Biology Toolbox - New Approaches.- Flow Cytometry in Plant Research: A Success Story.- Photoconvertible Reporters for Selective Visualization of Subcellular Events and Interactions.- Plant Cell Strains in Fundamental Research and Application.