Black-Book: Graffiti Sketchbook

Taschenbuch, STERLING PUB, Erschienen: 2009, 192 Seiten, ISBN: 1402767064, EAN: 9781402767067

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Gebrauchs- und Lagerspuren. Außen: Kleiner Riss, Großer Riss, angestoßen, Knick. In den Warenkorb
Erschienen: 2009
Seiten: 192
Preis: 7,90 €
Einband: Taschenbuch
ISBN: 1402767064

With its vibrant colors, personal point of view, and brilliantly complex designs, graffiti has finally won recognition as an art form. And, like all artists, graffitists need a place to plot out their ideas. Building on our successful line of bound sketchbooks, this blank volume is aimed at the hip, young artists (and those aspiring to be) in the burgeoning field of graffiti art. Containing plain pages as well as a graph paper insert, it resembles the hardcover "blackbook" that's standard must-have equipment for these cutting-edge painters. Not only will it be where they painstakingly draft their designs, but artists will use it for written notes, pasted-in photos and source material, and an all-in-one portfolio for their very best work.